NPWI have always been passionate about teaching the public about science. From 2010-2015, I was the Event Coordinator of National Pollinator Week in Champaign-Urbana. Every year to celebrate I organized booths at the Urbana Market at the Square, bee identification and native bee house building workshops, guided nature walks, insect photography workshops, and much more. From 2013-2015 we had pollinator food guides identifying all of the pollinated food and what animal pollinated it at Common Ground Food Co-op. It also gave me an excuse to put on my bee costume and use my roller derby persona, Polly Nator, as a fun way to teach people about the importance of pollinators to our food system.

Here are links to a few articles I’ve written about the things I love the most: insects!

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I have also done a number of radio and TV interviews to promote various events for the Department of Entomology.